Lineages of Participants in the Thames-Timms-Tims DNA Project
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Richard Erskine Thames

b. 29 February 1888, d. 29 January 1980

Family: Rhoda Jane Barton

  1. Prentiss Andrew Thames

Robert Thames

b. between 1784 and 1790

Family: Margaret N. Gibson or West

  1. James Lawrence Thames b. c 1809

Robert Riol Thames


  1. Margaret Thames

Robert Wayne Thames

Roland Thames

Ronald Patrick Thames

Family: Marcie Hinard

Roy Thames Jr.

Roy Thames Sr.

b. 1910, d. 1978

Family: Margaret Richardson

  1. Roy Thames Jr.
  2. Gypsy Thames

Samuel Thames

b. circa 1768


  1. Stephen Thames b. ca. 1809/1810

Samuel Thames

b. 1761 or 1763, d. circa 1816


  1. Esquire or Squire Thames b. 1786, d. 1855

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