Lineages of Participants in the Thames-Timms-Tims DNA Project
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Lee Hamilton Thames

Margaret Thames

Family: Absalom Frierson

  1. James William Thames b. 1852

Morris Gray Thames

Orion Carlton Thames

Family: Carolyn Louise Morris

  1. Terry Carlton Thames

Orion Chester Thames

b. 22 December 1896, d. 28 May 1963

Family: Ouida Gladys Stewart b. 17 July 1904, d. 24 May 1990

  1. Orion Carlton Thames

Paul Rayford Thames


  1. Joel Rayford Thames

Paul Steele Thames

Family: Helen Manasas b. 1917, d. 1957

  1. Ronald Patrick Thames

Prentiss Andrew Thames

Family 1: Betty Jo Girton

Family 2: Stella Black

Recie Franklin Thames

b. 1 February 1893, d. 16 July 1966


  1. Paul Rayford Thames

Richard Blake Thames

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