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                                                Administrators:   Paul Thames and Walt Gabennesch

                                         Please contact Paul or Walt if you are interested in participating.


                                                Y-Chromosome Transmission Chart

This is a comprehensive tree-style chart of Thomas Thames' descendants who are participating in the DNA Project.  Click here to see an all-in-one-page-view OR click here to see a multi-page-view for printing.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these charts.  Charts like these will be added for the Tims and other lines as soon as a common ancestor among the DNA Project participants is established.  Don't have Adobe Reader yet?  Click here to download it free!

                        Click here to view the Individual Ancestor Charts for DNA Project Participants

                          Click here to view the Master Index of Individuals in the Lineages Database

Please note that not all of this websites' lineages include spouses.  It is important to understand that the DNA Project tests only the Y-Chromosome (male).  No attempt is made to confirm or compare maternal lines for project participants.